Z920K - RS485 - P
RS485 To Wireless Mesh Converter


StandardCompatible with IEEE 802.15.4g
Protocol    Modbus/RTU, ASCII code support
P-P Transmit distance500m (at a visible direct line)
Topology MESH Max 16 hops
Network Accommodation Max 100 nodes
Radio frequency band 920MHz
Max Receiver Sensitivity -103 dBm
Maximum data rate100 kbps
Transmit output power 16mW/1mW/20mW
Encryption128bits AES (MAC)
Telecom certificationTELEC/FCC/NCC/NBTC
EMCEN 55032/EN55035
ProtectionContact 4KV/Air 8KV


ZOTECH Z920K series are able to easily wireless those messy RS485 / RS232C  wires for Industrial IoT, smart building or other IoT applications.

Z920K wireless is designed with an OKI MH920 module to keep a good communiation quality. The main advantage of Z920K application is that the original control/data collect systems and sensing equipment can be kept to save cost and time for a mesh network establish.

Z920K-P/Z920K-C support Modbus RTU/ASCII , and feature a low power consumption, long-range and robust wireless mesh network.

To compare with the other wireless WiFi, ZigBee..., Z920K 920Mhz radio frequency has better capabilities of wall penetration and anti environmental interfiences. 

When the communication network needs to cross floors and areas and minimun equipment changes as well as the installation should be simple and fast,  Z920K wireless mesh converter will be a perfect solution for a choice.

Hardware Specification

Power inUSB 5Vdc in
10-48Vdc in
8- 24Vac in
Voltage out12Vdc/0.8A
(A power adaptor has to be used.)
Serial PortRS485-2W
Screw Terminal D+/D-/GND
Terminal Resitor120 ohm option
RS485 D+/D terminal1K/150K ohm option
RS485 TX/RX indicatorTX : Green
RX : Yellow
Power SwitchON/OFF
Power IndicatorReady : Green
Bootup fail : RED
LINK IndicatorLinked : Green
Ready : 1Hz blinking
Network IndicatorNormal : Green
Traffic : 10Hz blinking
Parent IndicatorReady : Blue /1Hz blinking
Communication SwitchBuad Rate : 2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps
Parity : Even/None
Stop Bit : 1-bit/2-bit
Antenna920-928Mhz/3dBi, SMA Connector
Micro-USB5Vdc in, Console Utility Setup
TemperatureOperating : -20 ~ +70 ℃, Storage : -30 ~ +85 ℃
HumidityOperating : 20 ~ 85%, Storage : 0 ~ 95%

Software Specification

Maintainece UtilityWindows XP-32/64, Windows 7-32/64, Windows 8/10
Protocol SupportModbus RTU/ASCII
Load DefaultYes
Firmware UpgradeableWindows-based
Environment Test ToolChannel Noise Scanning
Performance Verification ToolPER (Package Error Rate) & RSSI Calculation